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Having an efficient Business Management System (BMS) – a set of tools, documentation, processes and policies – is crucial for your business to grow and run smoothly. However, developing and managing a comprehensive and effective BMS can be a tough task. 

A system generally consists of a large number of policies, processes and forms, which need to be built, stored, controlled and kept up to date.

This can be overwhelming, especially if you’re using paper-based documentation (hard copies) or standard electronic filing – it can become a bit of a nightmare, making your life harder, when it should actually make it easier.

An ineffective platform for your Business Management System can result in more time spent on developing and finding specific documents when needed, training new staff on how to use it, and in a high chance of accidentally losing or deleting documents. All that often means lots of stress and the opportunity cost of time lost in the process.

books for managementWe’ve been “scanning the market” for years, looking for a platform to house our own ISO Certified BMS, and we’ve finally found the one! We’re so impressed with the usability and the benefits of it that we now offer our clients the option to deliver their “ISO Certification Ready” Business Management Systems within this same digital platform. It’s called Op Central.

So.. What is Op Central?

Op Central is an Operations Management Software product, like an Intranet. It enables you to centralise your Management System documented information (in any format – text, images, video, across multiple file types), and make it accessible to your team, so everyone is literally on the same page.

Updates and notifications happen in real time, enhancing daily business operations, reducing administrative costs, reducing complexity and reducing risk, resulting in your business achieving a higher level of operational consistency. 

It’s critical to centralise and optimise your business systems if you want your business to be scalable and sustainable, ensuring that essential information is available to all, without depending on individuals’ knowledge or hidden documentation on someone’s computer desktop or desk drawer. You need to be able to “do business in real time”.

op central digital busness management system platformThe right software can do it all for you. So let’s run through the 5 key benefits of utilising the Op Central platform for your “ISO Certification Ready” Management System.

5 Key benefits of building your Management System in Op Central

1. Great user experience and customised branding

opcentral user experienceNo more checking individual documents for consistent headers and footers, and up to date information – this is all automated with your business branding and style within Op Central.

The system is fully customisable for you to add your business branding colours, logos and images to ensure everyone feels at home. Op Central also allows you to use rich media such as videos, text, images and tables to make your information more engaging and efficient for your team.

An intuitive interface allows users to navigate and search with ease. You don’t need to know the exact location or name of a document – the search function enables you to type any word contained in a file name or page text and find the relevant information, similar to a website search function. 

There’s no superseded files –  every file is the latest version (with full version history available in the background) – you can be confident you’re not using out of date information. Op Central enables you to arrange the “manuals” and documentation to suit your organisation’s work flow and preferences. Put something in the wrong order or the wrong manual? No problem – just drag and drop it to where it needs to be!

2. Live and accessible from anywhere, anytime

Op Central is a real-time live system that allows you to manage and share all of your business operations information at all levels of the business. For instance, the dynamic Operations Manual auto-notifies in real-time relevant people when documents are published or updated.

mobile access to opcentralOp Central also supports live integration with many other apps and software, as well as linkages to electronic filing systems, such as DropBox or Google Drive.

Easily accessible anywhere, Op Central is system agnostic and available for computers and mobile devices, meaning you can access from any device or operating system.

You can have your entire Business Management System in the palm of your hand by downloading the mobile app on your phone!

3. Improved communication

opcentral dashboardGreat communication is at the heart of every great business, and Op Central can help your organisation by providing a series of communication tools to keep your team collaborating, sharing ideas and solving problems together.

Apart from the notifications of new and updated documentation, as well as forms and surveys modules that capture, log and report important events and information across your business, the news feed is another tool for improving communication. It allows you to share any relevant information to the right people with the permissions settings.

You even have the option to require staff to confirm they’ve read and understood each post (and then you can monitor these confirmations in the back end). A live calendar is also available to display events on the Dashboard, along with an integration with your social media pages through the Social Stream function.

4. Security and control

With Op Central you can easily set and control permissions to make sure the right people have access to the tools and content they need to work effectively, while restricting access to sensitive information or functions to particular groups of users and/or locations.

The Admin users can manage, track and control all activities throughout the software and users, allowing you to:

  • Have strong permission controls – The Admin users can set different levels of permissions easily by groups of users, locations and roles;

  • Monitor user activity – You can see when any changes were made, and by whom;

  • Access records of agreement to company policies – Compulsory reading such as company policies and agreements can be monitored by the Admin users;

secure digital business management system

  • Keep track through automated document control – Op Central records history of documentation and automatically creates version numbering for better document control; and

  • Manage storage and date tracking for important documents – With the file storage section, you can upload and effectively manage documentation.

You don’t need to worry about the security of your business information – here’s some of the technical stuff:

5. Supports scalable and franchisable business models

With such a high level of control and brand customisation, Op Central is a great tool to make your business scalable for growth.

The software is franchise ready, meaning that Op Central is perfect if you want to franchise your business, improving transparent reporting, high levels of compliance and communication, and operational control in order to achieve consistency across all of your locations of operations.

scalable digital business management systemWhen you partner with us to deliver your Digital Business Management System, you’re partnering with a team of ISO 9001 Quality Certified organisations. Like us, Vortilla (the creators of Op Central) are an ISO 9001 certified business. This ensures that best practices are implemented by aligned teams, throughout your system delivery project.

We live and breathe Quality!

As part of our consulting services, ISO Certification Experts can build your customised Business Management System in the Op Central platform. Your Op Central management system can be tailored for ISO Certification Readiness or to simply systemise and grow your business.

Call us now on 1300-614-007 to get started! 

About the author

Managing Director at ISO Certification Experts

Erica is a Certified Trainer, Implementer and Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001, and heads up the day-to-day operations of the business.