Our rule of thumb is: Happy people work better, are highly motivated and more productive at work. So, basically, you’d be much better served by consultants who really enjoy what they do. You should consider these factors before engaging a consulting organisation, and find out what their Vision, Mission and Values are, to ensure they align with those of your organisation. As a team, we’ve established ours as follows:

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At ISO Certification Experts, our consultants assist organisations to develop, get a handle on and improve their management systems. Regardless of the specific service we provide to our clients, our consultants are passionate and willing to do their best and dive deep into the organisation’s management system in order to improve their business.

Here’s what one of our consultants pointed out about their work from their perspective,  highlighting what makes their job rewarding, their challenges and motivation, and how it all leads to successful project outcomes for their clients, and ultimately for their own career.


Why do our consultants enjoy their job and where is their motivation coming from? 

WorkImagine engaging a genuine management consultant who will be 100% focused on your goals and on solving your management system issues. It’s invaluable to have someone who is going to be there any time you have questions, or when you want to discuss a relevant aspect of your project.

Unfortunately, many organisations end up engaging with consultants who are only there to sell templates and/or a copy of a management system that simply doesn’t fit your business. Fortunately, we’ve had great experience and feedback throughout our 13 years in the market and this doesn’t happen with ISO Certification Experts’ consultants.

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Our consultants are highly motivated professionals, with strong educational background and years of experience in business management systems and customer relationships. Their passion primarily comes from wanting to satisfy customer requirements by helping them solve their business issues.

When our clients come to us, often it’s initially “just” about achieving the relevant ISO Standard requirements to achieve one or more Certifications. However, there is much more to it than that. Many times, our consultants end up being heavily involved in day-to-day client operations, helping them to improve in many aspects, for example, production schedule development, mapping the core processes, establishing the business objectives, or whatever area our consultants see there’s an area for improvement.

“Often information is all a client wants. But the information a client needs sometimes differs from what the consultant is asked to furnish.” 

Arthur N. Turner

In other scenarios, our consultants may walk into a business that has no documented structure at all, and although it seems challenging, it’s in fact very rewarding to develop and implement the entire management system from scratch, and even more satisfying when the client achieves their ISO Certification. 

Benefits of Highly Motivated ConsultantsFrom a consultant’s point of view, it’s interesting to get to know different industries, people and organisations. There’s really never a dull moment when working with a wide range of clients and industries. Consultants need to understand lots of industry-specific information to be able to speak the “client’s language”, so in order to succeed, we have to learn about the client’s industry via research, combined with past projects experience, prior to the project start.

Even though this may sometimes sound like a daunting experience, our consultants always end up being enriched by another great experience, and increased knowledge, while expanding their portfolio with various projects and industries.


What about the workload?

Consultants’ workload is often very busy, and calendars are often fully booked for weeks in advance, with every day at a different organisation, different locations, working on a different project. But, there’s a balance, with flexible working arrangements, such as working remotely from home in between these hectic consulting days. Also, the travel required for work sometimes allows consultants to experience different cultures, accents, food, nature, etc. When possible, a work trip can even become a weekend away in a different part of the country or overseas.

Our consultants lead projects from end-to-end and work directly with senior management, resulting in a high impact project delivery, which is crucial for the success of the project, as it ensures rolling out the management system across the entire business with the support of the leaders.


How do we stay on top of the consultancy game?

In order to better assist and guide our clients, we need to constantly keep working on our professional development and keep up with the market changes, so we do this by attending regular webinars, industry training, staying up to date with the requirements of a number of standards, obtaining further relevant certifications, among other professional development activities.

Personal development careerIt’s a never-ending circle of learning that we apply and share amongst our team and by doing so, continually improve the quality of the work ISO Certification Experts delivers to its clients.

ISO Certification Expert’s consultants are passionate about delivering successful projects. 

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About the author

Consultant at ISO Certification Experts

Ivona develops customised management systems for our clients, to meet the certification-readiness requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. She has a Master of Business Administration and Diploma in ISO Integrated Business Management Systems.