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Some of the benefits of your business becoming certified could be:

  • You want to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations for sustainable growth

  • You want to mitigate your overall business risk (in some instances, Certification can reduce your insurance premiums)

  • Certification to a particular Standard could be a regulatory requirement within your industry

  • Certification could be required in order to tender for work above a designated dollar value

  • Certification could be necessary to meet the requirements of your contracts with your clients

  • Quality Certification is the most recognised way to prove to your customers that you’re serious about making them happy

  • Safety Certification is the most recognised way to demonstrate your commitment to a safe and healthy workplace

  • Environmental Certification is the most recognised way to demonstrate your commitment to minimising the impact your business has on the environment

Certification means that your Business Management System is certified to one or more Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZ Standard) and/or International Standards (ISO Standards).

The Main Standards We Work With

We work with all core Management System Standards across all industries and sizes of organisations, so we tailor our services to suit your business requirements and resourcing needs.

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Quality Management Systems
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Occupational Health and Safety
Management Systems
Occupational Health and Safety
Management Systems
Occupational Health and Safety
Management Systems
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Environmental Management
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Information Security Management Systems

How the Certification Process Works

Firstly, we’ll work with you to determine exactly which Standards and Certifications are right for your business, what you want to achieve out of the process for your business, and identify any deadlines you need to achieve Certifications by. This is your chance to get all your questions answered!

Then we’ll go through with you what you already have in place and how effective you think it is, and what you’d like to see change. Depending on what you already have, the next step might be a Gap Analysis against the requirements of the Standard – this will give us a to-do list of what needs to be done before commencing the formal Certification process.

When it’s time for your Certification Audit, it’s conducted in two stages:

– Stage 1 (Readiness Review) is a full review of your business processes and documented information to ensure all requirements of the Standard (relevant to your business) have been addressed.

– Stage 2 (Certification Audit) is an assessment conducted at your office (and project sites, if applicable) to ensure that you actually do what your processes and documented information say you do.

All Certifications run on a three-year cycle, usually with audits 12 months apart, so, this initial audit process is then followed by:

– Year 2: Surveillance Audit
– Year 3: Surveillance Audit

Then the process starts again with a Triennial Audit, followed by two annual Surveillance Audits, and the cycle continues…


How We Can Help

Your personal Consultant gets to know you, your business, and what you need to achieve out of your systems and your Certifications.

We take care of the whole process for you, answer all your questions and adjust our services to suit your resources and your individual business needs. We’ll be there for you to coach you through the preparation, through the audits and ongoing.

We assist in selecting your Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge of your industry and the work you do, are realistic and take a value-adding approach.

We understand that every business is unique – we want this to be a meaningful and value-adding process for you.

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