Training Delivery Policy

Provision of Training Services

We provide training services under two separate training brands, as follows:

  1. ICExperts Academy, a brand under the umbrella of ISO Certification Experts, where courses are developed, managed and delivered by our experts, and are Internationally Certified by Exemplar Global. These courses are advertised on our ISO Certification Expert’s website, but you’ll be redirected to purchase via ICExperts Academy’s website, meaning that you’ll need to accept the ICExperts Academy’s Terms of Use.
  2. PECB, an Internationally Accredited provider of ISO training. ISO Certification Experts is an authorised partner of PECB and official reseller of their courses. This Policy will cover the training courses provided by PECB only.

Provision of our Training Services adheres to the requirements of all relevant ISO Standards, professional guidelines and PECB’s International Accreditation requirements.

Commencing with, or prior to delivery of the training service, students, sponsors and third parties, where appropriate, will be notified to ensure their understanding of the following information:

  1. The format and content of the training services being provided, including the mechanisms and criteria to be used for evaluation, and the nature of the award or report to be issued upon completion of the training services provided;
  2. The student’s commitments and responsibilities, including the requirement to set up an individual PECB account;
  3. Our commitments and responsibilities to the student;
  4. Our commitments to sponsors and/or third parties;
  5. The processes to be used in case of dissatisfaction or disagreement between any interested party and us;
  6. Methods and schedules of examinations; and
  7. Any prerequisites, technical or otherwise, such as required skills, qualifications and professional experience.

Prior to delivery of the training service, we will ensure those financing the training service have paid for their training prior to registration of the individual(s) into the PECB Platform.

Upon purchase of a course, it will be assigned to an individual and cannot be changed or re-assigned to someone else. The online Self-study eLearning courses are non-transferable. Alterations of information on issued Certificates and Certifications, such as attendee name and ID, are not accepted and considered fraudulent.

Ensuring Availability and Accessibility of Training Resources

In order to ensure our training services meet the required criteria against all ISO Standards we will ensure:

  1. All resources as defined in the course description are available;
  2. All facilitators responsible for delivering training services have the training resources available and are trained and competent in their use; and
  3. All resources as defined in the course description can be accessed by the student(s).

Training Refund Policy

Those financing the training service and training candidates are asked to read and understand the requirements of a course prior to making a financial commitment.

We are not able to refund course fees once the candidate has completed the PECB registration process and the course has been assigned to them.

PECB Terms, Conditions & Policies

Our courses are Internationally Accredited by PECB and therefore, we also adhere to the PECB Terms, Conditions and Policies for all training course delivery.