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As an Australian trusted provider, our eLearning training courses are developed and provided by our educational brand ICExperts Academy, and via our partnership with PECB. Our courses are suitable to organisations of all sizes and industries, as well as individuals.

All courses are 100% online and combine technical knowledge and real working experience. Whether you’re developing a new management system, upgrading or managing an existing one, wanting to train your team or planning to become a Management Systems Auditor, we have a practical training course to suit your needs.

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Discover a range of learning content designed to cover various levels of qualification in the areas of Quality, Safety, Environmental, and Information Security management. Enjoy the practicality of online training with video workshops that you can follow at your own pace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our online courses are Internationally Certified. We have courses developed by our own training brand ICExperts Academy, which are Certified by Exemplar Global. We also offer courses developed and certified by PECB.

Yes! Same as the ISO Standards, the content in our courses is suitable for all countries and is not specifically customised for individual countries. Our courses are internationally recognised and can be accessed and studied from any part of the world. All of our courses are offered in English.

This will depend on the course you select. You can check the individual course pages to understand more. 

Note that for the Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer courses provided by PECB, Certificates need to be applied for after successful completion of the exam, and you may be required to submit logged hours depending on the credentials you are applying for.  

To begin with, you must successfully complete one of our Lead Auditor or Lead Implementer courses, meeting the standards required for the personal certification you wish to achieve. Upon completion of the course, you may proceed to apply for Professional Certification with PECB, providing all relevant supporting documentation related to your experience depending on the credentials you are suitable to apply for.

Yes, simply contact our sales team and we can coordinate this with you directly to issue an invoice to your employer and get you set up. You may also want to check this page to find out the increasing discounts we offer, in case your employer would like to qualify other employees, or purchase multiple courses for you. 

Unfortunately, once a course has been purchased, it is assigned to the individual who made the purchase and cannot be transferred to another person. It is important to note that changing the details on issued Certificates and Certifications, including attendee name and ID, is not permitted.

1. Complete a Lead Auditor Course for the standard(s) you would like to audit against.

2. Keep an audit log and document any management system audits you conduct (you will need to demonstrate and log a minimum of hours to achieve the Lead Auditor credential. Until then, your Certification will be provisional).

3. Contact a CAB and register your interest with them. They will require you to observe some audits and/or join an audit team to enable them to assess your competency and further build up your audit log. Please note that this may be required on your own time, like work experience, without pay. 

4. The CAB will conduct witness audits to assess your competence before allowing you to lead or conduct audits independently.

No, you will be provided with comprehensive course materials which contain all clauses (and interpretation of the clauses) relevant to the standard(s) you’re studying.

Rest assured that there are no hidden costs associated with our courses. The price you pay covers the entire training program, including all course materials and exams. We are committed to providing transparent and upfront pricing for our courses, so you can focus on your learning and development without any unexpected surprises. Please note that for PECB Certifications, and the optional Certification with Exemplar Global, they work on a subscription model where the first year is included. If you wish to renew them after the first 12 months, additional fees will apply.

No auditing experience is required. The only prerequisite is that you have a basic understanding of the relevant ISO Management System Standards.

If you haven’t conducted any management system audits, there are several ways to start building your audit log. One option is to observe internal audits at your workplace and participate as part of an internal audit team under the guidance of a more experienced internal auditor.

As our courses are internationally recognised, they do not align with the Australian academic credit point system. The recognition of our courses is determined by the entities that govern international education in the ISO standards industry, such as Exemplar Global and PECB

You have 12 months to complete your chosen course from the purchase date. 

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