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Integrated Management System
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Integrated ISO Business Management System

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What is an Integrated Business Management System?

An Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) means that a system has been developed to meet the requirements of multiple ISO Management System Standards, taking an integrated approach to combine all requirements instead of individual systems for each Standard.

The most common ISO Management Systems Standards have overlapping requirements. Therefore, when developing a System to conform with the requirements of more than one Standard, it makes sense to develop one Integrated Management System.

Taking an integrated approach saves time and money in the development and long-term management and effectiveness of your system.

What is a Management System?
A Management System is a framework of policies, processes, procedures, templates, and other relevant documents that an organisation implements in order to run the business towards its objectives and goals.

A Business Management System can conform to the requirements of an ISO Management System Standard. For instance, the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard is a set of quality management best practice requirements that a business needs to conform to in order to achieve ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification. This results in your business becoming acknowledged as running in accordance with an internationally recognised quality standard.

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Benefits of an Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System

Developing one Integrated System to meet the requirements of multiple ISO Standards saves money in the initial development and long-term management of your system.

Integrated Management System

A single system designed to meet the requirements of multiple ISO Standards will not only save you time during the development phase, but also increases long-term efficiencies.

Integrated Management System

Centralising and integrating policies, processes and procedures ensures consistency and optimises efficiencies, providing a single source of truth to achieve business goals in a coherent manner.

The Main ISO Standards We Can Integrate

Quality standard badge


Quality Management Systems
Safety standards badge


Occupational Health and Safety
Management Systems
Environment standard badge


Environmental Management
Information Security standard badge


Information Security Management Systems

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